What if we meet and I feel its not for me?

Not a problem at all, in fact that is the purpose of the initial session. We will meet and have a chat, discuss your reasons for entering therapy and figure out whether we could and would work well together 

What happens in the first session?

We will meet and have a get to know session. We will discuss your reasons for entering therapy and discuss whether we would work well together. We would discuss your wishes and needs and what you want to gain from the sessions. It's also an opportunity for you to decide if i'm the right therapist for you.

How many sessions will I need?

There really is no definitive answer to this question as each person and their lives are unique. We can mutually agree a number of sessions or we can have a few sessions and take it from there. This may be particularly useful if you have never accessed therapy.

How confidential are the sessions?

Sessions are entirely confidential except in the following circumstances. I must point out that these are rare and extreme.

  • If you pose a serious risk to yourself or others

  • If your notes are requested by a court of law

  • Any knowledge of harm or threat to a child/children

  • Any knowledge or participation in drug trafficking or terrorism.

  • As required by the BACP I regularly see a supervisor and discuss my work. Anonymity is enforced at all times.

Can I contact you in between sessions?

Contact between sessions is something we can discuss and if necessary mutually contract to. I appreciate that life still happens outside of sessions and sometimes there is the need for extra support. Please discuss with me further if necessary.

When can I have a session?

I have some flexibility around my availability. Please contact me so we can arrange a mutually convenient time for us to meet.